We are hiring actively for over 10 different roles! 


"I have a strong interest in social justice, liberation, representation, and the amplification of the voices of marginalized groups in mainstream spaces. I believe that operating with a systems approach along with a cognizance of diverse contexts is our best hope for sustainable social change."


Early Team Member, Udhyam Vyapaar

Apply to be an early team member at Udhyam Vyapaar

We are on a mission to make India entrepreneurial!



We believe Entrepreneurship is the most powerful way of enabling youth to achieve their potential & economic freedom.

In a world, with increasing automation and focus on corporate profits - jobs are fast disappearing.

Also, We believe that every person has immense potential and Entrepreneurship is the simplest way to channel this potential. Entrepreneurship enables agency & allows an individual to work on his/her strengths while creating value for the world.  Udhyam is working to unleash this potential.  


As an early team member, you would be working on … well, everything :) 

We are looking for highly energetic,  high ownership people with a willingness to experiment to come together and make magic. Your belief and passion towards the challenge that Udhyam is working on - would be essential for this small team to make a big dent in the universe.


As part of Udhyam Vyapaar, you would be working with micro and small scale entrepreneurs and helping them overcome roadblocks towards their next wave of growth. As an Early Team Member, your contributions would span across the entire Life Cycle of the Vyapaar Program - of identifying potential entrepreneurs to work with, Channel Partnerships, creating and measuring impact. We believe in potential - If you think you have the abilities - feel free to write to us, regardless of your experiences. 


We are a bootstrapped Not for Profit startup - So compensation is not our strongest suit. Our pay scale does not compare well with Corporate Jobs but compares well to other Non Profits.


If you are excited about the challenge we are solving, our beliefs & our goal... Tell us the whys, hows and whats of your interest.

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