Menaka Menon

Menaka is an advertising and communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She made her move to the development sector with the intent to solve large problems that could unlock growth & opportunities for largely underserved sections of society. At Udhyam Vyapaar, she leads the team towards identifying & solving relevant Vyapaari problems that can lead to impact at scale.

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Dilshad S

Dilshad works with the Monitoring and Evaluation team helping the team in tracking all our projects through indepth data management and in measuring the impact of our various interventions on people's lives

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Shiyona Ann Gijo

Shiyona works as an associate with the Intergrated Learning team, which focuses on online distribution channels for vyapaaris.

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Richa Narayan

Richa is a development sector professional with over 6 years of experience and joined as a Program Manager in Udhyami Program. She has worked in areas of Vocational skilling at school level, building leadership of headmasters and teachers and skill india program with sector skill council. She has vast experience in program implementation and management. She is interested in solving complex social problems She strongly believes in skilling people and providing right kind of support can solve a myriad of probelms.

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Arjun M

As a core team member, Arjun is focused on operationalizing access to formal finance for the nanopreneurs.

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Cyril Joseph

Cyril is an Early Team Member in Udhyam. He leads the Field Ops team for Udhyam vyapaar. Field ops team is face of the organisation and plays very critical role in engaging vyapaaris and solving business problems. He also leads Coal2LPG product based design thinking innovation model which enables the eco system to move from coal based ironing to LPG based to create effective working model, increase in economy and clean environment.

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Varatha Vengadesan

Core team member, Udhyami Programme & Associate Programme, Vyapaar

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Mehvash Arslan

As an Early Team Member in the Integrated Learning team at Udhyam Vyapaar my role is to help figure out where we can understand where we can create maximum impact and create solutions around it.

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Vikram Kumar

Vikram is an Associate at Udhyam Vyapaar. He is currently involved with Coal2LPG Iron Box project and along with the team trying to figure out how to bring an ecosystem change to enable to multiple stakeholders to adopt this sustainable solution.

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