On an average, 28% of vyapaaris we work with see a minimum of 20% income uplift in their businesses

Vyapaar M&E team aims to measure income uplift which is defined as an increase of at least 20% in monthly earnings. Engagement in business improvement meetings, marketing for increasing customers and introducing new product lines are measured as indicators of program efficacy. 

Vyapaar executes content in two different ways:

One-to-One consulting

Vyapaar's one-on-one consulting is based on the idea that brainstorming business ideas with the Vyapaari enables them to make better and more informed decision to grow their business. Vyapaaris are nudged to actively think about their customer base and create offerings that are catered to them, to introduce or shift to products that take seasonality, business productivity etc into account, to utilise their existing resources more efficiently and several such practices. 




engaged with us

vyapaaris reported

income upliftment

Group Sessions

Vyapaar's group sessions are facilitated along with partner organizations. The sessions are completely activity-based, and are focused on developing entrepreneurial ways of thinking like understanding the importance of setting goals, trying new things and learning from them and perseverance. By the end of the program, participants leave with a sense of community with the group, courage to pursue bigger goals in their business and self belief to take consistent action towards their goals.




engaged with us

vyapaaris reported

income upliftment

of one-to-one

consultation vyapaaris

see an income uplift


of group session vyapaaris see an income uplift


of one-on-one consultation

vyapaaris  introduce

new product lines.

of group session

vyapaaris introduce new product lines.


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