We are on a challenging mission, and care deeply about building a learning organisation. Which is why we are highly invested in the hiring process.

Our hiring process is quite lengthy, time consuming and unconventional. That said, the process is engaging and is designed not only for Udhyam to learn about the candidate but for the candidate to know about Udhyam as well.



Visit Udhyam.

Listen to Udhyam story.

Connect with like-minded folks.

Where: Udhyam Office

When: Once a Month. On a Saturday. 





Want to start contributing towards building entrepreneurial mindsets?

Volunteer with us.

Could be 2 hrs-a-week or 4 days a month.

Or take that sabbatical and work for with us for a month or two.

 Contribute remotely. Or work from our office.

Fill in your details. Or come to our Open house.



Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship. From a reputed college


Opportunity to work directly with grassroots entrepreneur. 

Improve one or more grassroots business.

Work with Vyapaar team on Growth.


Internship - Five Months Duration 
Start Date: 

Udhyam Vyapaar:
Early Team Member

Udhyam Vyapaar mentors grassroots entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. Join us to help do this at scale. Be a part of an impactful journey.

Udhyam Shiksha:

Early Team Member

Across Curriculum, Operations & Management, we are looking for folks who can contribute significantly to the growth of Udhyam. If you want to be a part of an incredible story, talk to us.

Classroom Heroes

Passionate trainers and facilitators looking to create an impact by being inside the classroom! Help learn, facilitate & empower a whole new generation of entrepreneurs with us.

Udhyam Shiksha:
Team Member-Government Partnership

To work at scale in education, the largest partner is the Government. This will enable Udhyam to serve those facing most adversity, at national scale.

Vyapaar Saathi

Join Udhyam Vyapaar as a Saathi.
Be the face of Udhyam in your Vyapaari community.
Work closely with grassroot entrepreneurs.
Co-ideate, problem solve and enable them to grow and succeed.
Join to empower and impact microentrepreneurs at scale.