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Mekin Maheshwari

Founder and CEO

An engineer by education, Mekin has held entrepreneurial roles through his career, including head of technology at Flipkart. He deeply cares about people realizing their potential and succeeding in life. His success is owed, in part, to his compassion for people and his commitment to see them achieve their full potential and claim the life they want.

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Deepa Kuncheria

Key People Catalyst

Being the Key People Catalyst at Udhyam, Deepa exercises the opportunity to work with everyone in the organisation. She finds Udhyam, a place beaming with bright, enthusiastic people with a strong sense of purpose. She looks after the HR responsibilities of Udhyam, with a keen focus on creating processes/ support systems to help Udhyamis achieve the vision. Deepa is passionate about art, dance, food, travel and trying all things new and good. She resonates with Udhyam for building a "Can DO" attitude - a liberating mindset that empowers people to make their dreams come alive, in everyone.

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Sushant Stanley

Corporate Partnerships

Sushant works as a Fundraising specialist, leveraging conceptual partnerships under Corporate Social Partnership policy of different grant agecnies, corporates and PSUs. He is also sets up due diligence requisites for different Donor companies and agencies.

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