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Product description


According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, there are 10 million street vendors in India. Since they don’t have a concrete establishment, access to electricity proves to be a challenge. This limits many of these vyapaaris; operating hours to when natural light is available. Several of them use conventional  sources of light such as kerosene lanterns and lead acid battery for lighting so that they could extend their productive hours. However, these products have several disadvantages such as relatively high fuel and maintenance costs, limited light output, toxic fumes emissions.


The solar lights are sustainable and financially viable products requiring only a one-time investment with no or very low maintenance. The entire product (solar panel + bulb + battery) comes with a one-year warranty and the individual components such as the solar panel and bulbs usually last at least 2 years. This makes it much more cost-effective than most other options in the market.

The set-up is also portable, allowing  them to carry it back home. The light can be charged from the grid or by solar power, and the energy is collected and stored in the battery


These are the observed impacts amongst the 

  • Over 65% of the vyapaaris who bought the product have been able to increase their working hours. 

  • Vyapaaris have reported increased operation time by 3-4 extra hours in the evening

  • Reduced dependency on conventional energy sources

  • Durable - durable, green energy - the entire unit is under a one-year warranty. Individually, the components are likely to last at least twice that time making this much more cost-effective than most other options in the market. 

  • Dual Use - can also be used at home.

  • Economical - the solar panel recharges the battery reducing electricity consumption

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