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Collaboration with the Delhi Government was put into action by the SCERT.

The framework for Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum (EMC) was released in February 2019. The curriculum was piloted in 300 classrooms across 24 schools in April-May 2019 and thereafter launched for around 7.5 lakh students of classes 9-12 in 1,000+ schools in July 2019. An independent process evaluation study was performed in parallel, and its recommendation incorporated into the second version.

The second version was extensively reviewed by over 80 teachers, and was launched in July 2020.



The Delhi program is intended for all the 1000 government high schools of Delhi (grades 9 to 12). It’s a 4-year program. The EMC mission is nurturing students' abilities, and empowering students to take charge of their career-paths in employment or entrepreneurship. Irrespective of what they pursue, we want our students to think like an entrepreneur willing to dream big, try new things, set challenging goals, be able to recognize opportunities around them, and then plan and execute to bring them to fruition. Failures are a part of life, but our students should be able to bounce back from them, analyze and learn from both successes and failures, and relentlessly persevere to achieve their goals.

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Deputy CM, DELHI

"Udhyam has been a key partner in the development of entrepreneurship mindset curriculum. They were the experts who brought in clarity in entrepreneurship mindset development from their past work.

Udhyam’s willingness to be hands on, listen to student voices and experiences, and care about the details help make the entrepreneurship mindset curriculum of high quality. They helped in scientific way of curriculum development with every story and activity getting tested in multiple classrooms before being included.

Similarly, doing a strong pilot and learning from it made the whole process collaborative. Udhyam team was also able to bring in other expert organisations and entrepreneurs when needed. Their belief in this student project made me think of and push for the budget allocation of Rs. 1,000 for students."





Our entrepreneurial mindset curriculum is open to learn from. Request for a copy today.
We are happy to enable our Shiksha program to be run in your institute.

If you are an alumni of Shiksha looking to get connected, write to us here.


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