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Udhyam's 2019 in pictures

Udhyam's 2019 in pictures image

Posted On: 31 Dec 19


As we close an exciting year, here are some of our highlights!

Photo 1: We worked closely with the Delhi government, along with 15 other organisations, to help build, launch and implement the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum.


Photo 2: The time Udhyam Shiksha alumni, Rohan, gifted us his artwork!


Photo 3: The time we launched our new brand and the new website!


Photo 4: Ramesh anna and his wife, switched to LPG iron box, heralding a new wave of tech, replacing coal-based iron boxes. It not just helped increase their income but also helped decrease effort and time!


Photo 5: .. And our work with Iron vyapaaris got featured in The Better India!


Photo 6: Sana, an Udhyam Shiksha Alumni, did her first-ever Menstrual Hygiene session as a part of a post-program youth engagement initiative.



Photo 7: Another Shiksha Alumni, Shashidhar, chose to pursue this passion in Yoga, and got certified to be a Yoga master


Photo 8: Udhyam Shiksha reached rural schools in Tumkur


Photo 9: And our work with Haryana Government got featured in a local newspaper. Here is a story of Prabhat from the same batch


Photo 10: Young Turks of CNBC covered our work with EMC!


Photo 11: And Dhruv Rathee covered our work with EMC!


Photo 12: The time we all enjoyed an Onam Sadhya in our Bangalore office!


Photo 13: Young learners from Youth Adda celebrated Diwali by being entrepreneurial!


Photo 14: Women entrepreneurs from the Udhyam Vyapaar's Entrepreneur Transformation program got featured in The Logical Indian


Photo 15: The madness of getting everyone together for a team picture!


Photo 16: And a super-exciting closure to the year with a Shiksha Alumni meet!

All of us at Udhyam, we wish you a happy, exciting and an impactful 2020!

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