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Programming an Ambition

The story of a gamer who made his own game

The success of classical parenting is limited by three factors that wreak havoc in the hearts of all parents. The unholy Trinity of "Mobile-Video games-social media". They're not half wrong about being suspicious with regard to these entities as time and again they've justified their fears. But, what if video gaming has turned into a healthy passion? Does it have the strength to motivate a person to pursue gaming and designing as a career goal? Can youngsters have the insight the see a serious future  here? Your answers await in the story below:-

Sundresha P was a tenth standard student when he enrolled for the Udhyam Shiksha program of Udhyam Learning Foundation held in My School. An avid video gamer, Sundresha aspired a career in computers. However he hadn't made any serious decisions about the same and had a relatively vague opinion about the options available to him. These confusions faced a grand exodus that summer of 17.

In the initial days at Shiksha, Sundresh learnt about the need to keep oneself motivated and make informed decisions irrespective of the popular opinions. He learnt about the herd mentality and the means available to look beyond and find one's real passions. The pencil bridge exercise conducted at the workshop helped him with group interaction and the aids available for maintaining a healthy and functional group. He was a member of U-tech, short for Udhayam technologies founded as part of their project activity which provided home delivery of mobile accessories.

He worked on his conversational skill to a much greater extent when he went on to the field along with his partners. He understood that a conversation isn't just about lips, tongue and ears but encompassed the whole body and mind. He learnt how to judge emotions and interest of the speakers based on their gaze and body language. He changed his attitude and choice of words depending on these cues and saw the drastic change in interest of the listeners unfold in front of his eyes. 

As we had mentioned in our previous story, U-tech went on to make a huge success that summer with really lucrative profits. It was later dissolved when our little entrepreneurs had to resume their Pre University College classes. Sundresha opted for the commerce stream with a combination that offered computer science. During his examinations he was very comfortable with combined studies and used the soft skills he’d learnt at Shiksha to maximize the output of his group. He motivated his juniors and batch mates from school who had missed the program to enroll. He wanted them to reap the benefits that he had which reflects his concern. To those who were unable to do so due to constraints of commutation, he tried to explain relevant concepts at his college when the situation arose.

Sundresha now awaits results of his second PUC examinations. He hopes to pursue an undergraduate graduate degree in BCA and start his own web and video game designing company some day. He attributed this specificity of his goals to the inspiring words of Mekin sir and his team of facilitators who had stayed in contact over the years and guided him at multiple steps in his adventure so far. The spirit in which he speaks about his ambition today will easily resonate with the minds of his listeners. The effort he has put into programming his ambition is highly commendable. (Pun intended)

As part of Udhyam's post engagement program he is planning to intern at NavGurukul, a novel institution that aims at imparting an intensive technical program on par with a undergraduate engineering course.

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