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Laughably alien!

Mohammed Zabiullah started his business selling clothes from a pushcart about 5 years ago. Always ambitious, he wanted to move on from the pushcart and set up a shop but didn't want to do this alone. To his wife, Sabiha Banu, the idea of venturing outside the house and partnering her husband in his business was laughably alien. 

This changed around November- December 2018 when Sabiha Banu attended a session in entrepreneurship held by Udhyam Vyapaar. Slowly, she gained in confidence and started believing in herself to the point where she was able to tell her husband that she was ready to join him in his business.


Around February 2019 they set up a shop together and have been steadily expanding their product lines, increasing their income and the confidence to try new things ever since. 

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