Join us in our ‘Gift a Piggy Bank” initiative!

Create a positive impact in the lives of those who add so much value to yours...

What is the aim of 'piggy bank' initiative?

Create a behavior shift from borrowing to saving by capitalizing on existing behaviors of nano- & micro-entrepreneurs (think of people who iron your clothes, sell you fruit and veg, your local tea seller, florist, etc.).

What problem does it solve for the vyapaaris?

We aim to end their reliance on loans from informal Money Lenders (which often come at interest rates of around 100% !!).​ Some of the most common reasons vyapaaris go to informal sources are:

  • An apprehension of the banking system - they do not understand it and are quite often intimidated by it.

  • Low financial literacy 

  • A belief that 'saving' means putting away large sums of money

  • Not wanting to lock their money away in a bank - a fear that they will not be able to access it in an emergency.

How does a 'piggy bank' help?

Money saved in the piggy bank can be put to various uses:

  • Long-term goals - children's education, a wedding in the family, etc.

  • Short-term goals - rotation cash for business expenses

  • Emergency fund - to be used in the event of an illness, other unforeseen expenses.

Now it's your turn! Here's what you do

  • Ask us for a piggy bank using the button below

  • Take the piggy bank to your local vyapaari, help them understand the benefits of saving, and get them saving using the piggy bank

  • Take a picture with your vyapaari, post it on social media and tag us.

  • Check-in on them till it becomes an everyday habit!

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Want to collaborate and run this initiative at large scale?

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