कैसे Kejriwal Govt School के Students बने Successful Entrepreneurs | Manish Sisodia | Delhi Model

In conversation with Forbes India our Founder & CEO Mekin Maheshwari discussed the adversities faced by the nano-entrepreneurs in the wake of the pandemic. Prompting him to take charge & create a platform ‘Startups for COVID-19”. The platform not only received contributions from a number of professionals but the discussions also led to drafting policy interventions to help the government manage the crisis & mooting the idea of ACT grants.

The lines mentioned in the article that covers our #donateacart campaign resonates well with its cause- Rebuilding Livelihood 'While these street vendors are keen to restart their businesses, they still lack the means to sufficient capital due to months of inactivity and having to survive on their meager income'

Experiential learning is the core of Udhyam’s belief. The real impact of Experiential Learning is in how this method of learning enables significant agency and independence for the learner

Back in April 2020, our founder Mekin Maheshwari over an episode of the 100X Entrepreneur podcast with YourStory discussed the possible impact of COVID-19 on MSMEs & what makes nano-entrepreneurs most vulnerable during times of crisis. Months since then have only proven Mekin’s possible impacts true.

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