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Majigge Majjige! Aye Majjige!

Udhyam Learning Foundation has always believed in the power of experience-based learning. All our programs are curated to create a …

Published on: 04 May '19
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Report Card

Our venture up north.

Published on: 11 May '19
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5 lessons I learnt about Parenting while Rebuilding Udhyam’s Brand

Building a brand is like bringing up a child. I am not a parent, so I might not be best …

Published on: 08 Oct '19
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Lessons go beyond just Profit For Udhyam Shiksha’s Youth

Youth of Udhyam Shiksha had their first successful venture this Diwali, but the lessons go beyond just profit.

Published on: 24 Oct '19
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Learning by Doing – An Approach to Enhance Classroom Education

The term education makes us imagine many things: curriculum, technology, program, or even instructional approach. However, aren't these transients? In …

Published on: 22 Nov '19
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A small shift has helped 200+ Ironing Entrepreneurs in Bangalore have increased income

The ironwalas, ironing entrepreneurs, who work hard to iron your clothes are simple and small-time business operators who take to …

Published on: 27 Nov '19
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Saving a Dime a Time is Helping Small Entrepreneurs become Financially Strong

Udhyam distributed Piggy Banks to street-side entrepreneurs in Bangalore to inculcate saving habits.

Published on: 26 Dec '19
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Udhyam's 2019 in pictures

As we close an exciting year, here are some of our highlights!

Published on: 31 Dec '19
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2019: A magical year for Udhyam

The last year for Udhyam has been magical. How else could you describe a small 20- member team in Bangalore, …

Published on: 01 Jan '20
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What young India needs: My conversation with Ravi Venkatesan

Last year, UNESCO declared January 24th as International Day of Education to honor education and its centrality to human well-being …

Published on: 24 Jan '20
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The Udhyam Saathi Program

The Roman Urdu word Saathi translates to a brother in the modern context of life. A Saathi can be anyone, …

Published on: 27 Jan '20
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NEP 2019 & alignment with Udhyam Shiksha

The National Education Policy 2019 envisions an India centered education system that contributes directly to transforming our nation sustain-ably into …

Published on: 19 Feb '20
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Gratitude for a compassionate community!

Written by Sheetal S M, Lead - Youth Engagement at Udhyam Shiksha

Published on: 26 Apr '20

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