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#5yearsofUdhyam, 4.5 years of my interdependence, mistakes & self-discovery

Krishnan Ranganathan, co-founder Udhyam Learning Foundation writes "From my previous tuning of optimizing largely for speed of decision making, the …

Published on: 29 Mar '22
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Udhyam Shiksha’s new endeavours for young learners amidst the 2nd Covid wave in Maharashtra

In April 2021, most state governments in India were forced to declare stringent restrictions and lockdown measures - impacting young …

Published on: 11 Aug '21
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How Indian students are leveraging available opportunities during a pandemic

At the National Skill and Entrepreneurship Innovation Conclave in Feb 2021, our Founder Mekin Maheshwari explained how education in India …

Published on: 14 Jul '21
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Experiences from the field, of deploying cash transfers as a means of relief during the lockdowns

As we emerge out of yet another wave, I can’t help but reflect on what transpired the previous times. While …

Published on: 15 Feb '22
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The Why of Udhyam - Case for Grassroots Entrepreneurship

In a future with very few jobs and inability of the Education-Industry setup to use human potential - Udhyam focuses …

Published on: 10 Mar '17
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/ɡrɪt/ : Courage and resolve; Strength of character.

Two weeks ago, on March 20th, Udhyam Learning Foundation launched its first pilot “entrepreneurship bootcamp” with a group of approximately …

Published on: 02 Apr '17
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The Balancing Act

Experiments to make learning more wholesome.

Published on: 07 Jun '19
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A different kind of new year resolution

We are works-in-progress. Or so we like to think. "This will be the year. This will be the year that …

Published on: 03 Jan '18
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Enabling nano-entrepreneurs from ITI Haryana

When the COVID pandemic hit India and the country went into a national lockdown in April 2020, it left millions …

Published on: 21 Jun '21
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Taming of the Shrews

Bringing in positive changes through a healthy personal touch.

Published on: 04 Jun '19
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Sparking a chain reaction for Impact at scale

Experimentation is one of the key tenets of Udhyam Vyapaar. At Vyapaar, we work with nano-entrepreneurs (fondly called vyapaaris) i.e., …

Published on: 07 Jul '21
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Udhyam Vyapaar’s Micro-Restarter Funds | Rebuilding Livelihoods for Nanopreneurs

In the summer of 2020, when the pandemic struck, our initial reactions included shock, misery and anger. The subsequent nationwide …

Published on: 29 Jul '21
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Short-term effects of Lockdown on small business owners and a case for emergency cash grants

With the second wave shutting down the markets across India, Udhyam Vyapaar reached out to various small businesses to understand …

Published on: 27 Aug '21
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What's in it for you?

"Woh first aana chahta hai lekin padna nahi chahta" - Deepti Dwivedi @ Udhyam Vyapaar in reference to an Entrepreneur …

Published on: 11 Jul '18
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One To Ten

"Entrepreneurship: you put one dumb foot in front of the other while the world throws bricks at your head"

Published on: 07 Feb '18

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