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Volunteer to Co-founder - My journey with Udhyam

My enriching journey with Udhyam Learning Foundation

Published on: 29 Mar '22
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Udhyam's three Step Process to Support Vyapaaris During the Pandemic

Details of the three step process to allocate emergency funds during the first wave of COVID pandemic

Published on: 15 Feb '22
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The Why of Udhyam - Case for Grassroots Entrepreneurship

In a future with very few jobs and inability of the Education-Industry setup to use human potential - Udhyam focuses …

Published on: 10 Mar '17
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/ɡrɪt/ : Courage and resolve; Strength of character.

Two weeks ago, on March 20th, Udhyam Learning Foundation launched its first pilot “entrepreneurship bootcamp” with a group of approximately …

Published on: 02 Apr '17
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The Balancing Act

Experiments to make learning more wholesome.

Published on: 07 Jun '19
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Udhyam Shiksha Experiential Learning Curriculum - Udhyam

Tracing the journey of Udhyam Shiksha team in developing curriculums during pandemic.

Published on: 11 Aug '21
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Uplifting incomes for Nanopreneurs - Istriwalas

A sustainable Intervention that enabled nano entrepreneurs to change the way they operate their businesses

Published on: 29 Apr '21
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Know how Indian students leveraged on opportunities during the pandemic

Learn about how Udhyam Shiksha enabled students in leveraging available opportunities during a pandemic

Published on: 14 Jul '21
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A different kind of new year resolution

We are works-in-progress. Or so we like to think. "This will be the year. This will be the year that …

Published on: 03 Jan '18
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Enabling nano-entrepreneurs from ITI Haryana

When the COVID pandemic hit India and the country went into a national lockdown in April 2020, it left millions …

Published on: 21 Jun '21
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Taming of the Shrews

Bringing in positive changes through a healthy personal touch.

Published on: 04 Jun '19
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Short-term effects of Lockdown on small business owners and a case for emergency cash grants

With the second wave shutting down the markets across India, Udhyam Vyapaar reached out to various small businesses to understand …

Published on: 27 Aug '21
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Approaching the Financial Inclusion problem through Small Ticket Size Loans & EDI (Equated Daily Installment) Based Repayments

Most nano businesses - the corner tea shops, street food carts, istri wallas, fruits and vegetables hawkers, hole in the …

Published on: 16 Jun '22
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Udhyam Vyapaar Micro-Restarter Funds

Rebuilding Livelihoods for Nanopreneurs with Udhyam Vyapaar’s Micro-Restarter Funds

Published on: 29 Jul '21
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Vyapaari Mentor Model Project | Udhyam Vyapaar

Creating a mentorship model where vyapaaris learn business skills from other vyapaaris

Published on: 07 Jul '21

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