Co-Creating a caring world where people fearlessly pursue their potential

Human potential in the world is far greater than the value created from it. We believe that entrepreneurial mindsets are one of the ways to enable people to pursue their potential.

Our Impact so far:

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Lives Touched

8 lacs+

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Present across

7 states

Udhyam Learning Foundation adheres to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) laid down in 2015 by the United Nations. Under which Udhyam aligns with the Principles of Quality Education. Decent work and economic growth and Partnerships for Goals. Udhyam Shiksha and Udhyam Vyapaar co-create programs and interventions in partnership with State Governments and Development sector organisations to fulfill SDG Goals and impact at scale.


Our Partners

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Annual Report

Year 2018-19

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Year 2019-20

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